Technical Writing

Technical, business, and web authoring and editing

Do you remember WordStar?  That's how long we have been authoring and editing content.  For those of you who don't, WordStar was the predominant computer word processor in the early 1980's.  Over the years (decades) we have authored everything from whitepapers to technical documentation, API descriptions, and training material.  We have done web-site reviews, been an extra pair of eyes for documentation of all sorts for other organizations.  We have even performed proof-reading and editing for an author of travel books.

Perhaps we can help you with these sorts of projects...

            Proof-reading for all types of written content
    API and other technical documentation
    User guides
    Release notes
    Web page content
    Wordsmithing your RFPMonkey content

Maybe you are the expert, but aren't the best writer.  Maybe you're the best writer, but have more on your plate than you can manage.   Maybe your masterpiece is already written, but you just need some objective feedback.  Let us help.

Need more help?

Our primary business is the software that helps you build, manage, and search a library of reusable RFP content, but we occasionally take on clients for additional needs...

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