RFP Content Library Management

Managing and Searching content is our core functionality, and is what brings most clients to RFPMonkey.  Our basic and advanced search technology allows you to quickly locate approved content using words, phrases, filters, even whole questions.  Define your own filters to narrow your searches by topic, and also to associate SME's to specific topics.  Entry Aging expires content according to your configuration and alerts you that you have content to re-approve.

Benefits of RFP Content Library Management

  •   More valid, up-to-date content through approval and expiration
  •   More accurate content by assigning Subject Matter Experts to topics
  •   Massive time savings gained by powerful search

RFP Tracking & Triage

RFPMonkey is not just for the front-line RFP responders - it's also for their leadership team.  Use RFP Tracking to capture important due dates, team assignments, levels of progress, and outcomes.  Useful dashboards show interested parties overviews of your RFP efforts, work loads, and success rates.  RFP Triage enables you to work an inbound RFP, add missing information to your library, classify RFP questions using different colored highlights, and assign specific questions or sections to individuals for their attention.

Benefits of RFP Tracking & Triage

  •   Dashboards make it easy to understand workload, progress, and success rates
  •   Aids in Go/NoGo decisions
  •   Facilitates quick look-ups of approved content for each RFP question
  •   Helps you identify first-time questions and adds them directly to your library
  •   Allows you to accept suggested content, prioritize it, and override it as needed


RapidResponse is the quickest way to match your library content to your RFP.  Whether applied to a specific question in your RFP, or to the whole RFP, RapidResponse presents you with up to 4 suggested responses per question.  Then triage your RFP by accepting what RapidResponse suggests, overriding it with manual searches, adding specific RFP questions to the library as new drafts, or assigning content.

Benefits of RapidResponse

  •   Ensures that only Approved content is used
  •   Provides the quickest way to relate an RFP with appropriate library content
  •   Allows the flexibility to accept, override, or modify suggestions

Affiliated Accounts

Some RFPMonkey clients have multiple divisions or affiliated companies that need shared access, but also want to maintain their own filters, permissions, and content.  RFPMonkey Affiliated Accounts allow users from other groups to access each other's libraries without having to log out of one and into the other.  Specific security and configuration steps are taken to ensure that content sharing is only between affiliated clients, and that each client organization controls what access they will grant and to whom.

Benefits of Affiliated Accounts

  •   The perfect blend of automony and partnership for affiliates
  •   Let affiliated groups search your library but restrict them from edits
  •   Access controlled by each affiliated organization
  •   Automatic synchronization of user credentials between affiliated accounts

What's Missing

What's Missing logs content searches that don't return any results.  Use this log to identify the most frequent and the most recent failed searches.  What's Missing accentuates repeated failures so you can take appropriate action.  It automatically 'forgets' about failed searches that aren't frequent enough to cause concern.

Benefits of What's Missing

  •   Continual improvement of your RFP content
  •   Continual improvement of your search results
  •   Automatic suggestions for new content or content edits based on actual usage patterns
  •   Passively identifies missing content, common misspellings, and 'problem users'

Channel Support

Get even more value from your content library by sharing it with your channel partners (carefully of course).  This lets you author, edit, and approve content, but also lets your channel partners suggest new content or request official answers from you on certain topics.   You control their access and permissions.  You also can see how/if they are taking advantage of the valuable resource you are extending to them.

Benefits of Channel Support

  •   Enable your VAR's to answer their own RFP's using your approved content
  •   Lock channel partner users into allowed content.  Keep your 'secret sauce' secret
  •   Define partner users with minimal permissions
  •   Re-brand (whitelabel) RFPMonkey.com to reinforce your own brand

Support & Maintenance Options

We offer 3 levels of Support & Maintenance so you can select the plan that fits your needs the best.  Premium S&M includes email support, toll-free phone support, an on-line client portal, automatic roll-out of solution updates, recurring instructor-led training, recurring account reviews, automatic support ticket escalation, and named support contacts.  Basic S&M is more of a self-service model.  It includes the same email/phone/portal support channels, but with less-critical response times and fewer consultative services.  For instance, while Premium and Intermediate plans include instructor-led training, the Basic plan includes free web-based training.

Benefits of RFPMonkey Support & Maintenance Options

  •   Get the level of care and urgency you need
  •   Pay only for what you value
  •   Cost savings by bundling Instructor-led Training and other services

Proof Of Concept

Maybe you're very interested in using RFPMonkey.com but not 100% sure yet.  If so, you may find it invaluable to run a short Proof Of Concept (POC).  POC's provide you with a real account for a limited duration, so you and your evaluation team can load content, define users, customize the configuration, experiment with Tracking and Triage, etc.  POC's run for 1 month, whick is plenty of time for you to evaluate RFPMonkey's applicability to your needs and make your own determinations about ease-of-use and value.

Pricing and Ordering

When you are ready, we would love to discuss your RFP needs with you.  After we learn more about your priorities, we can configure a price quote for you down to the penny.  Use our contact page to set up the conversation.