RFP Library Management

Outsourced managemnt of YOUR RFPMonkey account

Consider us part of your team.  Your real job is to interact with prospects and customers, to manage product, to win the next contract.  You have better things to do than worry about managing the content in your RFPMonkey account, or supporting your RFPMonkey.com user base.  So let us do it.

Here are some of things we can do for you...

            Inspect and correct spelling, grammar, and formatting
    Monitor content for recency of updates
    Manage users and user roles
    Content entry/transcription

One problem we have seen many times is turnover, attrition, or promotion within client teams.  It is inevitable, and in the case of promotion, a good thing.  But these can leave your organization without an in-house RFPMonkey expert.  Leave you without someone who can onboard and train new users.  If it frees you up to do a better job at your 'real' job, let us help.

Need more help?

Our primary business is the software that helps you build, manage, and search a library of reusable RFP content, but we occasionally take on clients for additional needs...

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