Account Editions and Terms

RFP Monkey is available in four editions to accommodate customers of every size.  There is also a free Trial plan, allowing you 10 users and 500 RFP entries.

The Silver plan is designed to fit small and mid-market companies.  Compare the Silver plan's yearly fee with the value of winning a single contract and you'll see the immense value we offer.

Step up to a Gold or Platinum plan if you have multiple products or divisions whose RFP data you need to categorize and search.  With up to 1500 or 5000 entries (depending on plan) you can build a powerful repository to support much more sophisticated categorization needs than with the Silver plan.  This plan is well suited for mid-sized and larger companies who depend heavily on the RFP process and have users representing multiple functional, departmental, or divisional groups.

The Enterprise plan offers the best economy for mega companies.  Large companies with multiple sales groups reach per-entry and per-user rates at least 50% less than with the other plans.  


Supports Up to


Quarterly Term


Yearly Term**


2-Year Term***


Entries* Named
Fee Fee Fee
Silver 500  10  $423.00  $1,522.80  $2,876.40 
Gold 1500  25  $909.00  $3,272.40  $6,181.20 
Platinum 5000  75  $1,968.00  $7,084.80  $13,382.40 
Enterprise 15000  250  $3,900.00  $14,040.00  $26,520.00 
All pricing is in US dollars.
*An entry is composed of its question, answer, key words, comments, status, and categorization values.
**Yearly Term reflects 10% savings over Quarterly Term
***2-Year Term reflects 20% savings over Quarterly Term

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise edition accounts may be enabled for a Quarter, for 1 Year, or for 2 Years.  The trial edition is for 15 days.  Each term is billed and must be paid for in advance of the term's activation date. 

Additional Services

Premium Storage

RFP data is stored in a common database, but is logically separated by an encrypted organization id. This id is established when a user logs on and is used for all subsequent data access. The org id is never exposed through the web interface, keeping it secure.

All data access is performed using a dedicated DB access layer within the application. The org id and a valid session id are required for all data access. Data can not be accessed otherwise.

The Premium Storage option introduces a dedicated database to further separate customer data.

Additional fees for Premium Storage are $250/year prepaid for a minimum of 12 months.

User Training

RFP Monkey is designed to be easy to use and easy to learn.  On-line help content and usage tips are usually sufficient for new users.  However, you may wish to participate in instructor-lead, on-line training.  

On-line training is delivered through the web by a knowledgeable LLC specialist and lasts approximately 1 hour.  

Training fees are $125 per student (as attendees in a single common session). 

Image Packs entries are essentially HTML code.  They may reference images hosted on a customer's web site but do not include embedded images in the way that a MS Word file would.  Sometimes entries need to reference images that are not on the customer's web site.  If this is the case, customers may purchase secure image hosting for up to 50 images per image pack.  Images are accessed using HTTPS, making them more appropriate  for users who also access via an HTTPS connection.  

Image packs are $120 per year.

User Packs

If you need more users than your preferred subscription edition accomodates, you can add additional users in blocks of 5.  For instance if you've chosen the Silver edition because of your repository size, but need 20 users, you would add 10 extra users (or 2 user packs).  User Pack fees vary based on the subscription edition chosen. Whether adding User Packs is more economical than moving to the next highest subscription edition depends on how many additional users you need and which edition you are selecting. Use the pricing estimator below to help you decide.

User Pack fees vary by Term and Edition.

RFP Transcription

Entering your RFP response information into the system is the most time-consuming aspect of implementation.  Many new customers use a trial period to establish a useful database.

If you want to accelerate this phase of implementation, you can send us completed RFPs (under NDA) and we'll enter their contents into your repository.  Your categorization schema must be established prior to transcription and categorization values must be indicated for each entry to be transcribed.

Fees for this service vary depending on the number of entries to be transcribed and the complexity of formatting required.

European and other non-US customers

Non US customers have an extra $45 charge per invoice (to recoup losses due to currency conversion and international wire transfer fees.) Leaving this box unchecked requires you to initiate payments in USD and from a US bank.

Non-US fees apply to each invoice issued.


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