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  •   1. Find the right answers to tough RFP questions
    • Browse your whole repository or selected topics
    • Search for content in 'Exact' mode or 'Relevance Match' mode
    • Filter searches by category, author, source, etc.
    • Quickly locate content tagged as 'Competitive Differentiators'
  •   2. Use failed searches to improve your repository

    Learn what your users search for and can't find.

    Then use that info to add new
             content or improve the
                     language of existing entries.

  •   3. Never use out-of-date content again
    Things change. What was a good answer to a given question 6 months ago may be stale or dangerously wrong today!

    Don't let your reps and proposal writers keep using old content. RFPMonkey's Entry Aging guarantees this will never happen again.

What is RFPMonkey? is an RFP automation solution.  It helps you respond to RFP/RFIs faster and better by providing reuse, collaboration, categorization, and flexible searching of your knowledge base.

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SaaS RFP Solution

What's in it for you?

Responding to RFPs before your competition does may give you the edge you need to win more deals.  Not only can you respond faster, but your responses will contain higher quality information as a result of collaboration and management of time-sensitive information.

You'll also be able to track project assignments to team members and see the progress at a glance.

Benefits of automating your RFP response process

Why buy from us? LLC is laser focused on what counts - helping you find the best answer to tough RFP questions. is more simple to use than any other related solution; and costs less because we don't pack in functionality that most of you won't use anyway.   In a nutshell - it's a better value.

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Unique solution to help you respond to RFPs faster, better

Live Demos

A live demo is a great opportunity to see the solution in action and ask questions.

We would be happy to discuss your project and show you how to use to:

  • Create an RFP content repository
  • Approve and Expire content
  • Track RFP due dates, progress, and outcomes
  • Maintain users and user profiles

See what others are saying

Proposal Software Selection Criteria

Considering a collection of previous RFP documents to be your RFP knowledge base just doesnít work. The valuable and difficult responses to significant RFP questions must now be categorized, centralized, stored, and made accessible to everyone involved.  The following points should help you while you evaluate competing RFP products...

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Repurposing Sales Content

Of course you can use to improve your RFP response quality and turnaround time Ė Thatís what itís for. But there are some clever, non-RFP uses as well.  Innovative features such as collaboration, email notifications, flexible categorization, and channel support allow you to...

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