Benefit Spotlight - RapidResponse

Don't get locked out by key words

Sure you can search for key words, but they're not required.  It's often better to search for specific words or phrases anywhere they occur in questions, responses, and comments fields.  Often the best results come from using the magic of the Relevance search.   It presents content that is related to your search, but doesn't get bogged down in trying to match it exactly.  Relevance lookups also account for the fact that the same question will be asked in different ways in each RFP.  

We would be happy to show it to you.  Just ask for a live demo.

You Need These! Has Them.    The Others Do Not.    Make Sure You Get Them.

RapidResponse answers your RFP quickly

Let RapidResponse identify your RFP questions and find up to 4 approved responses for each with a single click.

Improve your content library based on search patterns

Recommendations for content updates based on actual search patterns.

Let non-users edit and even approve content

Include non-users in your RFP process (such as channel partners or external legal counsel).

Build your RFP content library

Import and enter RFP questions and answers for reuse. Use flexible categorization and editing features as you maintain your content. Enter or paste content into our editor or bulk-import from .CSV files.

Search and filter content

Use Exact search for words or short phrases. Use Relevance search to match whole questions and/or responses. Or leave the search mode on Auto to let RFPMonkey decide which is best. Filter your search results using 9 configurable filters.

Never use old content again

Entry Aging expires content periodically to help you keep it current and fresh. Set Entry Aging aggressively to expire content after only 30 days, or as infrequently as yearly. (Or turn it off all together).

Track RFP progress and status

Record RFP status, progress, outcome, notes, important dates, and team assignments. Track assignment acknowledgement and progress, and automatically send reminders for late assignments.

Typical RFP Issues

How many of these sound familiar?

  • RFPs take 10, 20, 40 hours or more to complete
  • Hard to manage content centrally, and offer access distributedly
  • SME's come and go, taking their knowledge with them
  • No easy way to manage time-sensitivity of content
  • IT and NetOps don't like to participate in 'your' RFP
  • RFPs are usually due quicker than you would like

These issues make RFP's and RFP content hard to manage, frustratingly time consuming, and not much fun! You need a good way to inventory reusable content, approve it, expire it periodically, and share it with all who may need it.

What We Do

You will use to:

  • Create an RFP content library
  • Take content suggestions from the field
  • Assign SMEs as official approvers by category
  • Approve and Expire content
  • Use approved content to respond to RFP questions
  • Create categories/filters to correspond with RFP sections
  • Track RFP progress, due dates, and outcomes
And that will save you lots of time, help you respond much faster, and manage progress towards your due dates.

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